Fire Empire

by Ironguard

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First EP released by the danish power metal band Ironguard.
All songs written by former lead singer Niklas Andersen.


released October 1, 2011

Niklas Andersen - Vocals
Mads Laursen - Lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Simon Grástein - Lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Søren Rosendahl - Bass, backing vocals
René Lund - Drums

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Ralf Rendigs, at Ungdommens Hus Studio, Fredericia
Produced by Ironguard and Ralf Rendigs
Extra choir: René & Kasper Johansen, Mark Andersen
Cover art and logo: Lianne Sommer



all rights reserved


Ironguard Fredericia, Denmark

Ironguard is a power/heavy metal band from Fredericia in Denmark. Established in 2008, by former singer Niklas Andersen, Ironguard set out to deliver "power metal with balls"!

The first EP "Fire Empire" saw release in 2011.

In 2014, singer Niklas left the band. In 2015 Andreas Bigom (ex-Vanir) was recruited as the replacement.
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Track Name: Veil of Reality
We're marching towards agony
We're facing the inclemency of our mistake
Approaching new infinity
To heal all mankind
We're gazing into the sun
The doorway will lead us to oblivion
We once thought it imperative
But it all was in vain.

A lust for more has always been in our minds
We're standing tall and proud but soon we'll realize
Creating marionettes with minds so equal to our own
Obeying our command but with no

Heart and cold as ice
Only emptiness in their eyes

We are blessed with feelings to love and to grief and hate
But our insanity gives them the power to destroy

Since the inception of life
Now we have faith on our side
Leading with glory and with pride but time will show

Years have passed since the dawn of our time
Redemption, the price to pay.

Freedom and pride, and faith on our side
We are the ones who rules the earth
Walking through the flames, and crossing the gates
For the power we must secure
Freedom and pride, its our guiding light
We are the ones who turns the tide
A lust for more we're all fighting for
Beyond the veil of reality

Like there's a curse laid down to compel us with our greed
A dark old man signing our death warrant as we proceed
Hiding in our shadows, waiting for when the time is right
If one man knows the other

Fools wouldnt believe you
They will hunt you and decieve you
A sinner, a sinner into their eyes

We were send into this world to survive, unite as one
Is this the end of the age of men, will we be gone?

For a time we struggled in agony
Driven by fear and despair
Maybe this is our destiny
Leading us to the neverlands
Into the neverland


Solo: Mads / Simon / Mads

Chorus x 2
Track Name: A Quest for Vengeance
It was many years from now
Though it seems like just before
They took away my family
They took my fathers sword
It was forged by fire
Proudly made of steel
Now send me to slavery
And turning on the wheel

Now I'm released from the pain
Agony I have sustained
I carry on with the sword in my hand
And travel to far and distant lands.

I hear the words of my father
And I see the sign
The mountain I must go on
Driven by vengeance
So might and divine
With the gods, on my side, we will divide!

I'm gazing up the mountain
As I'm praying to my god
The time for repentance
Now it will take part
Make one last request for me
Grant me with revenge
A heart, so cold as ice
So hard, to describe

As I go into the fray
They know the price they should pay
I've traveled on a million miles far away
Justice will guide on my way
But still I can hear.


Solo: Mads

As I'm marching on
I remember my word
And I swear I will hold this creed
Forever and ever
I will carry on
Till I see my enemies bleed

As I go into the fray
They know the price they should pay
I've traveled on a million miles far away
Justice will guide on my way
Track Name: Rumors
Tell me now why I have to feel shameful now
All coming through, words so untrue, if I only knew.
Spreading words out for no reason then what for
Terrible sight, pain I must bite, how can I fight reputation.

The words from my heart, and from the enemy
Could it be someone I know, who unleashed this treachery
Raging out as parasites, they're building up an evil disease
and I'm surrounded by only fear and hate,
Anger and confusion, has brought me to this state.
All appears the same, but I fear that they already know
Red eyes in the night, waiting for a fight.

Innocence fall apart, tell a lie for raging up this war
And you'll betray, and the rumors were fading away
Here I stand, fall apart, to solve this it seems I have to
Find another way, and the rumors were fading away.

Trust in those you have near.
Say it all, loud and clear.
Your call, shall not be refused
What do you got to lose

IT ALL, now I can see, in the eyes of a fool
You just keep looking straight but
I, can see behind, behind this facade.
of good thoughts, thats just a filthy lie!

Say it to me, I'm your loyal friend
You can count on me
I swear to you that I wont tell anyone
... Feel free to speak

Lie, you shut your mouth, your just a coward
Are you supposed to be my friend?
But in the end, youll stab my back, with full on attack


Solo Mads / Simon / Mads

Cold winds blown and cleared my thoughts so pure
Now I feel strange, as I enter the room, preparing my doom
They just smiled at me and offer me a place
They didnt think , that I was aware, they locked me in this mystery

Chorus x 2
Track Name: Kingdom of the Light
For a time where war rage their lands
And guns blazing fires burning down their
Home and all forced to run, to run or to fight
In the name and the cause of their beliefs

Hunting them down - and they were to find
Another place - another place they could dwell.
Seeking the light - into the north
Journey of light - all side by side, into the new unknown

So we march as one of a million
All to find a place to heal our souls
To the land of mighty warriors
Steel yourself this road will be long, together we'll find new home
Into the kingdom of the light

Fate has brought them this far
And many have lost their strenght and power
Now as I see far and wide
Cause in the horizon lies the Kingdom of the Light
It has begun!

They were taken by the hand into new paradise
And offered, all the aid they have to give
Feasting, crashing, stealing it all for themselves without
Question, taking advantage of what they achieve


Solo: Simon / Mads

Into the kingdom, kingdom, kingdom - of the light!

Omkvæd x 2
Track Name: Heroic Return
Swarms approaching in the dead of the night, raging in from the southern gate
Thousands of sabres, cutting through all the ones with a different fate
You can hide in the snow, hide in the trees to avoid this religious war
Religious or not, this has to stop we shall pray for our mighty lord

Cause in the midst of quake and lightning, HE'LL RETURN
And all the signs of evil rising, WILL BURN
Yeah on his throne he is awaiting - waiting for

Heroic Return!
Infidels paying their blood to our masters hand
Heroic Return!
Setting free from the stone to defend our land

Yeah the thorn is growing tall and sharp , in the lake where the enemies ride
He will tie his horse to the thorn , and call his brothers to fight on his side.
All the ones who dare, and all who can wield a sword
Will make sure their blood runs to their knees, and kneel before our mighty horde

Cause in the midst of quake and lightning, HE'LL RETURN
And all the signs of evil rising, WILL BURN
On his throne he is awaiting -- waiting for


Solo: Mads

Chorus x 2
Track Name: Tyrant of War
Some say he's light, he's the bringer of light, he is the bringer of might
(told by a liar)
Just tell me why we are divided in sides, we are divided inside our insane world

God he's so desperate for war, though he put faith in us all
The faith that leads to fall

God is the Tyrant of War -- tyrant, tyrant
God is the Tyrant of War -- tyrant, tyrant
God is the Tyrant of War!

Why are you wasting all of your life, on preparing your death
(why dont't you kill yourself)
Your bane is approaching you now, as you are holding your vow, life based on pages

Troops march and dying in vain, for many years without end
Tragic, its all for nothing, but unholy gods!

Chorus x 2

Tyrant, tyrant, Tyrant of War!

Chorus x 2
Track Name: Howl of Jeronimus
In desert times new law has conqured this land
New thrones and kings are rising, tall and proud they stand
False words, betrayal, imprisoning me here
Death or deliverance, my end is near

Melodic interlude/solo: Mads

Fighting for freedom and the crowds they entertain
They should know better for all the pain i have sustained
Waiting, and shivering, as they open the door
Into the arena where bloods runs down the floor
So you can hear my roar

Howl of Jeronimus
And hail to the glorious
They'll fly to heaven for eternity
If I should fall in misery
Or freedom will carry me
Revenge for the king will last forever - and eternally

Travel now to Elysium, may your spirits rest in peace
I swear, I will avenge, the king down to his knees.
I am the last prisoner standing against the lord
Howling into the vast place so you can hear my word

So you can hear my word.


Solo: Simon

Chorus x 2